BCAA 20:1:1

BCAA 20:1:1

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The branched chain amino acids ВСАА 20:1:1 are the amino acids of the highest quality ever produced at the global supplemental stage. They are enriched with huge quantity of glutamine and vitamin В6 and prove their highly innovative nature of a product designated for people do not make compromise with their expectations.


MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 is an avant-garde product that contains the highest quality ВСАА portion enriched with high glutamine and vitamin B6 dose. This perfect combination carries the effect of impressive muscular pumping. It improves vascularization, arguments its complete “cabling”, ensures motivation and increases organism’s strength quotient which enhances the ability to do a better job during a quality training session.

– The branched chain amino acids (ВСАА) are the only amino acids that get oxidised inside the operational muscles.

– These are the only real factor that throttles muscular hypertrophy.

Glutamine and vitamin В6 are responsible for the smooth functioning of the nervous system, they decrease fatigue and cooperate for the maintenance of high metabolic energy levels. Furthermore, scientific researches have proven that vitamin В6 increases the oxidation rate of the branched chain amino acids thus improving their functioning and supports the accurate protein synthesis.

– MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 provides optimal ingredients for optimal growth.

What does MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS BCAA 20:1:1 contain?

MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 contains the unique combination of the three essential amino acids Leucine – Isoleucine – Valine in the huge ratio of 20:1:1. The glutamine and vitamin В6 quantity is in perfect conformity with the high levels of amino acid mix which brings their design to a higher, unreachable effective level.

Structuring the MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 is based on the newest research works in the area of dietary eating and modern supplementation for athletes, as well as for people with high physical activity. Their innovative compounds is due to in-depth elaboration, supported by the most effective pharmaceutically purified substances, with clinically proven effect that is safe to the organism.


What is the effect of MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS BCAA 20:1:1?

– they increase the protein synthesis

– they stimulate hypophysis and cause the excretion of growth hormone which unlocks powerful anabolic effect

– they hinder protein degradation

– they play essential role in carbohydrate metabolism (they accelerate glucose metabolism)

– they increase nitrogen balance

– they enhance skin recovery and accelerate its healing

– they contribute for the effect called “muscle pump”

– they increase strength

– they increase muscular stamina

– they stimulate metabolism

– they increase muscular hypertrophy

– they accelerate recovery

– they promote faster fat burnout

– they increase organism immunity (necessary for lymphocytes growth and proliferation)

– they stimulate brain functions (they increase neurotransmitters and transport proteins’ synthesis inside the brain)

– they increase healing processes in severe liver diseases


Take 2, 3 tablets of MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 before training and 2,3 tablets after training, depending on athlete’s individual weight.

When it is not recommendable to take MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS BCAA 20:1:1?

MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 is not to be taken:

– if you are allergic (over-sensitive) to the active ingredient or some of the other ingredients;

– in the case of severe cardiovascular or kidney disease;

– in the case of prostate adenoma;

– if you are aged below 14;

– it should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Intake of other medicines

Please inform your doctor or pharmacist, if you take or have recently taken other medicines, including those prescribed without recipe.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Before taking in whatever medicine while pregnant, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 is not to be implemented when pregnant and breastfeeding. After confirming the pregnancy status, the product intake should be terminated.

Driving and operating machines

MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 does not impact the active attention and could be taken by drivers and machine operators.

If you have taken more than the necessary dose of MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS BCAA 20:1:1.

So far we have not observed cases of MUSCLE TRANSFORMERS ВСАА 20:1:1 overdose. In the case of taking in higher product quantity, please refer to a doctor. If necessary, perform gastric lavage and treat symptomatically.


Possible adverse reactions.

In the case of predisposed patients it is possible to observe oversensitivity reactions.

It could have irritating effect on the stomach mucous membrane.

If some adverse medicinal reaction worsens or you notice others not described in the present leaflet, please inform your doctor or pharmacist.


– It should be stored in its original package, in order to be protected from light and moisture.

– It should be kept below 25 °С.

– It should be kept away from children!

– The dietary supplement should not be consumed after the expiry date printed onto the package.